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Poldark (2015+)
Role: Ross Poldark

The Secret Scripture (19 May 2017)
Role: Jack McNulty

Look Away (2017)
Role: Russell

Loving Vincent (2017)
Role: Boatman

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George proves merciless as the new magistrate, and Clowance is christened. Ross discovers the means to both help Dwight and combat Cornwall’s famine
Airs on BBC1 at 9pm on the 2nd of July

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    Poldark: Season 3; Episode 2 Screencaps & Episode 3 Stills

    Jun 20 2017
    Category: Images ,Poldark       Comments: 0

    I have added 1270 HD screencaps from episode 2 and stills from episode 3 (sadly only one this week).

    Home > Television Productions > Poldark (2015+) > Season 3 > Episode Screencaptures > Episode 2
    Home > Television Productions > Poldark (2015+) > Season 3 > Episode Stills > Episode 3

    Poldark: Episode 2 Stills

    Jun 13 2017
    Category: Images ,Poldark       Comments: 0

    I have added stills from episode 2.

    Home > Television Productions > Poldark (2015+) > Season 3 > Episode Stills > Episode 2

    Poldark: Season 3; Episode 1 Screencaps

    Jun 13 2017
    Category: Images ,Poldark       Comments: 0

    I have added 1168 HD screencaps from the new season.

    Home > Television Productions > Poldark (2015+) > Season 3 > Episode Screencaptures > Episode 1

    Poldark’s Aidan Turner: People Are A Little Scared To Approach Me In Public – And I’m happy With That

    Jun 11 2017
    Category: Site Updates       Comments: 0

    Aidan Turner doesn’t want to talk about his love life. But there comes a point in our conversation when he simply can’t help himself. He has, he admits, grown very close to a Poldark co-star.

    The two of them have just finished filming three series together and have developed an intimate bond. “Our relationship certainly has matured,” Turner says, before paying tribute to his co-star’s “sensitivity”. Truly, he can’t imagine his life without Seamus the horse.

    Like the 33-year-old Turner, Seamus the horse hails from Ireland. The two of them have been together since filming their very first scene. “I talk to him all the time,” says Turner. “I rarely use any other horses unless Seamus isn’t around for some reason, [because] I understand how he works and I guess he understands how I work.”

    In fact, Turner has a lot to thank Seamus for: he had never really ridden before auditioning for the role of the brooding, swarthy Ross Poldark. He blagged his way through with the producers in order to get the gig.

    He did so with such aplomb that, these days, it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else in the part. As Poldark, the handsome captain who returned to his native Cornwall after fighting in the American War of Independence, Turner is moody and magnetic and has turned furrowing his brow into an art form.

    He’s tricky to read and yet we root for him, even when he acts in unlikeable ways. The second series stoked controversy with a scene between Poldark and former fiancée Elizabeth Warleggan (Heida Reed) that some critics claimed was “legitimising rape”.

    But by the end of the run, Poldark was happily reunited with his wife Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), while the newly remarried Elizabeth discovered she was pregnant with a baby that might or might not be her husband’s. “He has ups and downs,” agrees Turner, “He’s difficult to be around.”

    Turner is understandably sick of talking about his pectorals. When he stripped to the waist to do a spot of scything in the first series, a Radio Times readers’ poll voted it the best TV moment of 2015.

    Read more at the source.

    Latest Events Update

    Jun 10 2017
    Category: Images       Comments: 0

    Aidan attended 2 events on the 9th so I’ve added images!

    Home > Public Appearances > 2017 > Oliver Spencer SS18 Catwalk Show – 9 June
    Home > Public Appearances > 2017 > Front Row & Arrivals: Day 1 LFWM June 2017 – 9 June

    Poldark – Season 3 Episode; 1 Episode Stills

    Jun 7 2017
    Category: Poldark       Comments: 0

    I have added the first episode stills from the new season.

    Home > Television Productions > Poldark (2015+) > Season 3 > Episode Stills > Episode 1

    TV Times – 10-16 June

    Jun 7 2017
    Category: Magazine Scans       Comments: 0

    I have added scans from the new issue.

    Home > Magazine Scans > 2017 > TV Times – 10-16 June

    Poldark – Season 3 Promotional Images

    Jun 1 2017
    Category: Images ,Poldark       Comments: 0

    I have added the first 2 promotional images from season 3.

    Home > Television Productions > Poldark (2015+) > Season 3 > Promotional

    Poldark’s Aidan Turner Used To Be An amateur Dancer But ‘Can’t Stand’ Strictly Come Dancing

    May 30 2017
    Category: Site Updates       Comments: 0

    Poldark star Aidan Turner has vowed never to show off his pecs on Strictly Come Dancing, saying he ‘can’t stand’ the BBC One show.

    Asked if he watched Strictly, he replied: ‘No. I hate it. God, I hate watching it now, I can’t stand it really.’

    In an interview with Radio Times he said the much-loved BBC show is ‘not about dancing… the dancing is rubbish’.

    Then, when asked whether producers had ever asked him to join, he replied: ‘I don’t know if I’m eligible because I used to compete at an amateur level. I think you need to be, like, a raw beginner. They haven’t asked me, no.

    ‘And just for the record, I wouldn’t do it.’

    While the third series of BBC drama Poldark is about to air, Turner has commented that his sex symbol status was not of interest in his family home.

    ‘It’s never mentioned, strangely enough…They don’t say anything. We don’t keep photographs or posters of my jobs in the house… I mean, we watch the shows. My mum’s obviously a big fan, but there’s no shrines to Aidan Turner’, he said.

    And while Turner is an object of affection for many women, he suggested that he does not think of himself as a ‘real man’.

    ‘My dad is one of the old stock,’ he commented.

    ‘He can do anything – fix a vintage car, do plumbing, lay flooring. He’s one of those real men, you know? They’re a dying breed,’ he told the magazine.

    Turner had previously told how he put on weight after filming the second series of the Cornish-set saga. And, on returning to film the third instalment, he said: ‘I showed up a few pounds too heavy and I think they had to split the back of the waistcoat… It was too tight around here (his stomach) and not tight enough up here (his upper body).

    ‘His (Poldark’s) physicality is very much a part of who he is. It’s something I can’t get too lazy about. It’s boring but I have to do it.’

    Recently, Aidan also accidentally let slip that fans can expect a fourth season of Poldark, as he revealed that filming will start this autumn.

    ‘We start shooting [season] four in September. It was a secret,’ he said. Oops.


    Events Update

    May 24 2017
    Category: Images       Comments: 0

    I have added iamges from the latest 2 events thanks to Emily =]

    Home > Public Appearances > 2017 > “Ismael’s Ghosts (Les Fantomes d’Ismael)” & Opening Gala At Cannes Film Festival – 17 May
    Home > Public Appearances > 2017 > Chopard Dinner In Honour Of Rihanna And The Rihanna X Chopard Collection – 18 May

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