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DC’s Justice League Dark will soon be seen in a live-action format, which is good news for WB/DC because that would give the studio a chance to explore DC’s supernatural side.

With the likes of John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Etrigan the demon and Swamp Thing coming together to form the team, it would be interesting to see who gets to play which character.

Though no information has been made available yet, here are some actors who could be a part of the team in the movie.

Aidan Turner could make a brilliant Etrigan in the movie. The demon is considered as one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe who can go up against Superman and Wonder Woman.

He also has a human side that goes by the name Jason Blood. In the movie, Turner could play the role of Jason who willingly can turn into Etrigan the Demon. Jason was a knight whose body was merged with the monster in the comics.

Since Aidan Turner is the lead star of Poldark, playing an old character like a knight would be easy for him.


November 30, 2016

Welcome to Aidan Turner Online, a fansite dedicated to the amazing actor from Poldark, Being Human, The Hobbit movies and much more

I have been working on this site for a long time and I’m very happy to launch it! I owned at FSORG before it found a new owner and I missed my site.

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November 16, 2016