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‘Poldark’ Star Aidan Turner Opens Up About Ross And Demelza’s Love

Dec 6 2016
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Dedicated fans of Aidan Turner are thrilled to witness the actor in most anticipated Poldark Season 3. In a recent interview, the hunk teased some details about the leading characters Ross and Demelza.

PBS noted the actor knows well his character as he reflected on Ross’ flaws and the fiery finale of season two. He also explained why he still believes that the warring lovers Ross and Demelza are definitely “soulmates.”

Speaking to Masterpiece Studio’s Jace Jacob, Turner was asked how Ross changed over the course of the second season. He explained that the leading character is sort of “emotionally quite inarticulate.” He further stated that he does not understand what it is and what he feels when he witnessed Caroline and Dwight’s relationship, which he sees during his early romance with Demelza.

Moreover, he revealed that Ross realized “how much he relies, trusts, and loves Demelza.”  Jacob asked Turner what Demelza represents to Ross with her “imperfect realness” and his “true, real and abiding love.” The actor responded that he thinks there is a “soulmate quality” to the leading characters.

The 33-year-old hunk explained that Ross and Demelza are like “two peas in the pod.” He added that the protagonist sees a woman who is real. He added that she cares about the important thing rather than the status, money or his job.

Furthermore, Jacob asked Turner what truly prevents Ross from rejoining his troop. The actor said that he thinks it is Demelza, mentioning that “love wins the day.” The army officer grasped what is important, why he needs to stick around and what really matters to him. He then stated that “his love is stronger than ever.”

Daily Mail reported that Aidan Turner was spotted on the set while filming the third season of the BBC drama. He appeared to keep himself warm as he held a grip onto a hot water bottle in chilly depths of December.

BBC already released the season 3 trailer. It teased a group of new characters and dark story which highlights conflict, passion, and drama. Scriptwriter Debbie Horsfield revealed “Ross is older but not necessary wiser, and his recklessness” costs him and his loved ones.


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