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Poldark season 4For those interested in some early Poldark season 4 filming milestones, you are not forced to wait all that long!

In a new post on Facebook (see below), you can see in the most innovative way the entire cast and producers together to read through the first script for the upcoming premiere episode! If you move your mouse around, you can see via a 360-degree view everyone from Aidan Turner to the remainder of the cast. This is a fun way to set up what should be a rather remarkable batch of episodes, and a very important one when it comes to the development of Ross Poldark the man.

So why is filming taking place so soon after season 3 finished airing in the UK, and before season 3 even starts airing in America? Well, much of this just has to do with the way in which filming for the show is timed out. These are the conditions that the Poldark cast and crew are familiar with, and it’s easier schedule-wise for them to do roughly the same thing every year. The show can be done with season 4 filming by late winter/early spring, and that gives the cast the time to take on another project here and there before filming starts again … provided that it does. The expectation is that Poldark will get one more season at least; whether or not season 5 would be the final season, meanwhile, still remains to be seen. It is something that Turner has suggested in the past as a possibility since there may not be as much for the cast and crew to do by the time that it’s over.

So what’s coming up on season 4? For those of you who have read the Winston Graham novels, you have a little bit more in the way of insight on this; otherwise, you can probably still predict based on recent trajectory that this is going to be one of the most political seasons for the show. We will see Ross doing more to help the people of Cornwall in the government, and his relationship with Demelza will likely evolve in its own way. Even though she was with Hugh Armitage briefly at the end of season 3, our anticipation is that this was a one-time moment rather than an affair that is going to start to spiral out of control.

When will Poldark season 4 premiere?

The BBC is not one to announce premiere dates early; heck, they do sometimes wait until the very last minute to do this sort of thing. We therefore anticipate that there will be a premiere date for Poldark named in the late spring; our feeling is that it will be back in the summer in the UK. This timeslot worked wonderfully for the series, at least in terms of ratings and getting its own chance to shine.

Want some Poldark character spotlights?

Then head over to the link here, since that’s where you can get our take on what’s ahead from everyone from Morwenna to George Warleggan in season 4. (Photo: BBC.)


August 17, 2017

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